Scientific Research Catalog



Why choose UNESCO World Geoparks in Portugal for research?
These territories, due to their characteristics and the value of their heritage, are true “open skies” laboratories, where scientists, students, teachers and citizens can contribute to the deepening of knowledge of the territory itself, investigating and producing knowledge in various areas, such as geology, biology, geography, climatology, environment, society, landscape, among many others. The affirmation of Geoparks as living laboratories effectively brings Science closer to populations, making the latter actors of knowledge.
UNESCO World Geoparks have sought to give special emphasis to this reality, asserting themselves as territories of Science, as a strategy and essential condition to achieve the main objective that led to their classification - Sustainable Development. However, the Science produced in these territories must be done with the participation of the populations (Citizen Science), placing it at the service of their problems and needs and making the results available in an open and accessible way (Open Science).
In this sense, the five UNESCO Geoparks in Portugal, in partnership with Turismo de Portugal, developed the Research Catalog, which aims to demonstrate that these territories are a reference in the scientific area that are at the service of society.
Consult the catalog here: Catalogue of Scientific Research - UNESCO Portuguese Geoparks